Sunday, September 30, 2007

Native Plants Round 2

Most of our native plants did make it through the summer.

We're still harvesting tomatoes and zucchini.

And apparently we didn't dig up the old roses as well as we thought, because some are coming up (I figure if they make it without water and fertilizer etc then they can stay).

However, it is fall.

I've sowed seeds for broccoli and lettuce and Swiss Chard and some Penstemon spectabulis.

And the big native plant sales through Theodore Payne and the California Native Plant Society are next weekend!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The screen guy came out about a week and a half ago. He's gotten very busy so we won't have screens til January. Bummer. He was really nice, though.

I've been sick the past week so we haven't done any house chores.

On the list of to be done as soon as possible:

  • Prime & paint the window frames. This includes scraping & repainting the sills etc.
  • Install the new-to-us antique pedestal sink. This also includes filling in the non-tiled portion of the bathroom floor currently covered by the vanity.
  • Install the cafe rods so we can easily open the new windows. Hem the current curtains so they'll fit. This project can't be done til the frames are painted.
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets. This also involves cleaning & repairing the plaster walls behind the cabinets as best we can.
  • Paint the kitchen nook
  • Plant the veggie and native plant seeds so we'll have seedling for fall planting in the garden and front yard